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Organic Soil Cube Gardening!

Organic Soil Cube Gardening!

If you long for an easier way to Garden, but the idea of Containers or Raised Beds just doesn’t fit your idea of easy, then here is your Solution!


4 Bags 2 weeks after 1st planting May 15, 2012  All from seed

First to Harvest,  Radishes,  approx 35 days old.  June  2012 The Beans are doing quite nicely!

You can learn how to Plan, Create and Plant a Garden in under 30 minutes.. This Book Will show you how!

It Includes, Tips on Companion Planting, Vegetable Lists, and Many, Many Garden Models, such as the one shown Below!


Check Out the Review – HERE!


You can Order Your Copy of this Hot, New Book and show off your Gardening Skills All Summer Long!   All Orders are shipped directly to You, and are Signed by the Author!

Order Yours today and Start planning for your Most Successful Garden Ever!

A Year in the Bag

Books are $19.95 + 3.00 s/h, USD

To Order your Copy of Organic Soil Cube Gardening,  you can use Paypal  subscriber name

Be Sure to Include your Shipping Address as well as Personalization Information!

If you have any questions, Please Drop me a line!

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery!

Thank You & Happy Gardening!


2 thoughts on “Organic Soil Cube Gardening!

  1. This book is just wonderful! Even the least experienced gardner, like me can now have a wonderful garden with great success! Thank you Lyn for putting together this awesome book and the great “Plans” for my next salsa garden! 😉

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